Friday 24 February 2017

The Red Rose Taverne, Fantasyland in Disneyland, Anaheim

As a limited time magic experience, the Village Haus counter service in Disneyland has been transformed in to a Beauty and The Beast inspired eatery - namely the Red Rose Taverne.
New Signage
Pre-Transformation Village Haus - Photo Credit Disneyland Website
Despite Jayne and I being over 4,500 miles away, we had to find out more to share with you all. So thanks to our wonderful friend in California, Tiffany Clontz, we are able to bring you pictures of the menu, some of the items on the menu and the interior. In addition, on our podcast 147 (released on Sunday 26th February 2017) we will be discussing this further.
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Firstly, the menu. My personal favourite - the pastrami burger - has gone but it has been replaced with a very meatilicious Beast's burger. The fries served with it are identical to the ones offered at Cafe Orleans.

Jayne fancies the Enchanted Cauli-flower sandwich with the tempura green beans. The steak is a thick cut of the vegetable and if you opt to go minus the bun, this will be a paleo dieters delight - if you ignore the tempura and mayo!
Another favourite from the Village Haus for me has been their flatbreads... well there's plenty to choose, from including a version that is Poutinesq - ala fries!
But wait I hear you cry... we want the Grey Stuff (we've been told it is delicious!) well no need to worry, it is available! Tiffany really enjoyed it. Personally, I love the fact it is different to the version offered in Walt Disney World at The Be Our Guest Restaurant. Plus who doesn't love Red Velvet cake!
Various non-alcoholic drinks are available and you can purchase Gaston's brew. For an $8 upcharge, you can get it served in a souvenir stein. Additionally, there are rice crispy treats and Be Our Guest items to purchase. 
So now we have whetted your appetites but what is the interior like? Well as the name suggests, it no longer is the Village Haus but a tavern right out of Beauty and The Beast - namely The Red Rose Tavern. I am led to believe, everything added is removable as it will return to the Village Haus.
The wall murals are stunning and in addition, the main characters get a subtly done shelf and of course Gaston had to 'man' it up a little with some of his hunting trophies!
So what are you waiting for? Official opening is today - 24th February 2017. 

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