Sunday, 8 September 2019

276 - Jayne's Disneyland Paris Trip Report

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On this week's show, Jayne reviews her families trip to Disneyland Paris. 

Considering where to stay, Jayne reviewed the points that made her choose to stay at Disney's Hotel Cheyenne. For Jayne there were a number of factors making this an ideal choice including the theming, the relatively recent refurb, the on-site Starbucks and of course cost played a big a bit of sentimentality.

Sheriff Woody themed rooms
Kicking the morning off with a good coffee!
Then, she discusses the amenities within the room which as Disney fans we all know is a really key point! Jayne was pleasantly surprised to find that along with a fixed dispenser there were also the small bottles and bars of soap which were replaced each day of her stay after they had been 'removed'!!
Then, Jayne moved on to talking about the attractions and things she enjoyed whilst in the parks. This trip was very much about spending time together as a family for Jayne and getting that much needed dose of all things Disney!

They were happy to simply experience as much as they could whilst not spending inordinate amounts of time in queues! DLP still operates the 'old style' Fastpass system and while this was used during their trip they also adopted a policy of only joining queues with a wait time of no more than 45 or 50 minutes.

Jayne was able to enjoy the newly refurbished Phantom Manor, multiple rides on Big Thunder Mountain (probably the best BTM in Jayne's opinion), Pirates of the Caribbean, Buzz Lightyear, It's A Small World, Star Tours (of course!), Ratatouille and lots more.
View of Phantom Manor from Big Thunder
Big Thunder from Phantom Manor
Inside Star Tours
Finally after a number of missed opportunities on previous trips along with a lot of persuasion she rode Crush's Coaster. Now as we know Jayne is not a lover of thrill rides so just what did she think to this experience?

Inside Crush's Coaster photo by Jayne!!
There were some rides and shows that they did not get to experience due to the long wait times but this in no way distracted from their enjoyment.

After that, she discussed her thoughts on the food options - considering that Jayne's dietary lifestyle is based around a low carbohydrate/keto eating plan. Jayne knew that food was always going to be a tricky one and this proved to be the case plus the poor exchange rate at the moment didn't help as the costs were rather high as well. Thankfully Earl of Sandwich proved to be not only great value but also offered the choice that Jayne and her family needed. 

Food within the parks was restrictive for Jayne especially as they were sticking to counter service options. In DLP these focus heavily on 'set menus' and it was only by chance that she discovered ordering 'a la carte' was possible which made options a little easier but still quite restrictive, and repetitive.

But all in all Jayne and her family had a great time and suffice to say this has reinvigorated Jayne's desire to get back out and experience more of what Disney has to offer.

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