Monday, 10 August 2015

Show 57 - Symphonies, Weddings and Listener Assistance

Welcome to the show notes to accompany our podcast, number 57, for 9th August 2015. Coming up in this episode:
  • We share news of the silly symphony release
  • Open our listener mailbag to discuss WDW favourites
  • Plan a virtual Disney wedding
  • Talk about how we see the podcast growing and how you can help 
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Silly Symphony Collection

We were approached by the team behind the exciting project to share the news about this projects pre-order date. Boy were we excited to do so! So we recommend you watch this eight minute youtube clip (Silly Symphony Clip) that will tell you everything you need to know about the project. 

So you will now know, it is a 16-record set containing the audio from the Silly Symphonies. It will become available for pre-order at D23 and then on their website from 17th August 2015. Exciting stuff! So our competition. We asked for your to email us the names of the very first and the last Silly Symphonies to and we will put all the correct names in a hat and draw the lucky winners name out. The prize is one of the limited edition publicity postcards, which are only selectively being given out at D23. Also we will pop in some other swag that we collect during the expo. 


A listener, Christa from Germany, emailed us to ask about our own personal Disney favourites as well as to help with a date night. Well we love giving out our advice! So to hear what we advise, listen to the show!

Disney Weddings

It has been reported in the San Francisco magazine that a couple recently (and secretly) married on Disney property. Whilst we don't officially agree with any rule breaking, wouldn't it be fun to dream up your own imaginary Disney wedding? We discuss what we would do and invite you to email us your ideas for sharing on a future show. 

Changes to the Podcast

Over the past few months we have been trialling being a weekly show by adding a news show. So firstly, we wondered what you thought about this? Secondly, the show is growing! We have added the wonderful Sarah Woloski, from Skywalking Through Neverland, and Jeanie Gallo, of the Princess Papers, to the show. Both these wonderful ladies enable us to have a presence in both theme parks: Sarah being a Disneylander and Jeanie now resident near to Walt Disney World. This means more content direct from the parks and also we are wanting to have more give aways and create more DDG products, other than buttons. 

There are lots of ways we can achieve this. On the show we discuss these options in more detail. However, we want to stress, the podcast will be available free of charge via the same methods regardless of what we do. Here are the options:

  1. Attract sponsorship
  2. Continue to self fund 
  3. Investigate using Patreon
So firstly, sponsorship. Lets be honest who watches adverts on TV? I personally forward wind them and its the same when I listen to a podcast - I speed that section up. Also with us being UK based and the majority of our listeners being in the USA, it gets complicated. Also we pride ourselves in being able to freely express our views so we can reflect on Disney services without fear of alienating a sponsor. So we do not think this is the right route. 

Second option, we could stay as we are and fund the show on our own. Sure, we can continue doing this. So far we pay for our own fees to have the show available, artwork, buttons and giveaways but the costs are rising and there comes a point it isn't realistic to do so.

Third option, Patreon. Many other podcasters are turning to these services. Listeners visit a secure website and set up a monthly payment, which in turn goes to our account. It is not a lifetime commitment and can be cancelled as and when. We view it as a way of our listeners giving us a financial 'tip' if they have enjoyed the show - like you would for good barista service at a coffee house. We do not see it as compulsory, a massive financial commitment or permanent. So if you subscribe to our show and want to throw in a dollar or so a month, you will have our eternal thanks. If every listener paid a $1 it would make a massive difference  and we would then use this to improve the show as outlined above but also buy additional recording and editing equipment.

We do not, and again we want to stress this, want to make anyone feel compelled to donate via Patreon, we haven't as yet even set it up. We would, at this stage, value your input. So please, send us your thoughts to or comment on this blog post. 

We will be back on August 9th with another set of notes to support the podcast. 

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