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Show 59 - Delectable and Delicious Disney Snacks plus Money Saving Tips

Welcome to the podcast show notes for podcast number 059, dated 23rd August 2015. You can hear the show by subscribing to our show via iTunes, Stitcher Radio or any of the other podcast catching places out there. Finally, you can also click on the link below.

So, ahead of you, you will find answers to some listener questions on:
  • Summer snack attacks
  • How much money should you take

Disneyland - Photo Credit, M Young
Cinderella Castle, Walt Disney World - Photo Credit Disney World Website

First, we would like to share an email with you. Michelle and Jayne. I was hoping you would help me as I am going to Disneyland for the first time in 6 years. I am on a limited budget so I plan to try and eat lots of snacks. Can you advise what I should try? Eric from Wisconson. Well, curiously we also received a message via Facebook from Julian from Bromsgrove, as he and his family are going to Walt Disney World and they are wanting us to recommend our top five snacks. So here goes with the information we shared on the podcast.

Lets start with Walt Disney World: 
  • Downtown Disney does offer some cheap options and I recommend the Earl of Sandwich Brownie Sandwich. This is two of the most delicious brownies filled and sandwiched together with creamy, sugary and delicious vanilla, chocolate or peanut butter frosting. This is available in Disneyland and WDW.
    Napoleon - Photo Credit, Disney Food Blog
  • EPCOT is a fabulous place to graze and get great snacks at a reasonable price – some are quite generous and can be shared! However, we recommend visiting France and Norway. Firstly, in France you will find the Napoleon. This pastry is topped with a thick layer of icing it has layers of flaky, buttery pastry are with thick, rich vanilla custard cream in between. My local Greggs do one and they are delish! Its available at Les Halles Boulangerie & P√Ętisserie for $4.25 And as you are in France, don’t forget the Artisan d’Glace ice cream brioche sandwich for $4. Next stop we mentioned was Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe for their $3 school bread or the rice cream for $2.69.  
  • Now to the Magic Kingdom and on the edge of Fantasyland, almost Tomorrowland, there is a kiosk called Cheshire Cafe and they serve up a Gourmet Cake Cup but it is de-constructed and is basically layers of cake sweet cake and frosting with chocolate decoration on top. This runs in at just under $5. 
    Gourmet Cake Cup
  • Quick mention for the carrot cake cookie from Writers Stop at DHS.
  • Talking of cupcakes, WDW does offer the most amazing array of choices in both parks and resort hotels. From Red velvet to peanut butter, these $5 (or so) treats are very shareable. So try these! 
    Butterfinger Cupcake

Now lets move to Disneyland:
  • Maurices’s treats offer a range of twists from the cheddar garlic to the strawberry or chocolate one and are around the $4 mark. 
    Twists - Photo Credit Disney Parks Blog
  • Edelweiss snacks in Disneyland have the chilli lime corn on the cob which it great value for just under $5.
  • Another great snack is available from the Harbour galley – just near The Haunted Mansion. They do a range of jacket potatoes from around the $7 price point and you can choose from BBQ chicken, bacon and sour cream and shrimp salad. Awesome carb loading for the days where you are hitting the park for a long day. 

Next question is about budgets and this is from Clare in Penkridge. I’m going to WDW for the first time. I do not know what expenses I should reasonable expect. I have park tickets and I am staying at an off site hotel and expect to spend three days in WDW (1 MK, 1 DAK/EPCOT and 1 DHS). Can you advise?

This is difficult as everyone has different spending habits and at the end of the day you could manage on around $20 a day but you could aos quite easily spend $400! But here are a few guidelines: 
Walt Disney World - Photo Credit, Disney World Website
  • Biggest expense is food. If you eat breakfast off site you only have to purchase two meals in park. So I would budget $35-40 a day providing you are not having any sit down table service meals. This figure sounds high but includes buying water as hydration is important. Remember can bring water in with you too. I buy the small concentrate juice bottles and add that to water bottle or water fountain re-fills.
  • Souvenirs range from a few dollars upwards. I like to post myself a postcard, also maybe buy a pin with the year or season on. You can spend $$ on this section so set yourself a budget!
  • Ride photos, tend to be a pricey option but if you get one take and you love it, it will set you back around $17. If you want ten or more of such photos or character pictures, Disney do Photopass and in WDW it is around $170 but occasionally you can find vouchers to get it a bit cheaper.
  • Things such as headache tablets, sun cream and plasters can be bought inside the park but are expensive. Take your own.
  • How are you going to pay for goods? It may seem irrelevant if you live in the USA but as you are from the UK us overseas visitors need to plan ahead as most credit cards charge additional transaction costs for converting currency. I always take currency and a pre-payment card that I load with US dollars prior to my trip.
  • Final cost - cell phone use. At Walt Disney World there is wifi in the parks and most hotels offer this free of charge. However, texting and calls if not done via the internet can be costly and leave you with a nasty surprise 3/4 weeks post holidays. For UK guests, the mobile network Three off the ability to take your package with you for no additional cost, where as Vodafone charge £5 a day! So check up on this. In Disneyland, there is no in park wifi. So unless you visit a Disney hotel or certain establishments at Downtown Disney you will have to wait until you return to your hotel.

And that is it for this set of show notes. We will be back on Sunday 30th August with the show notes for show 60 which is a special crossover show! Part one will be released on Window to the Magic Podcast on 24th August (show number 485 1/2) and it begins an in-park adventure, where we begin a quest to ride an attraction but with Paul Barrie in charge, it gets a little confusing! Then, part 2 will be released on Sunday 30th August by us. Listen to both shows, answer the question we pose at the end to win a prize.

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