Wednesday 25 February 2015

Show 33 - Mighty Men and Woman of Mouse

On this show we have two features with the wonderful Mighty Men of Mouse podcasters. Join Michelle, Dutch Lombrowski and Russ Shuttlesworth as they tackle "Theme Park Citizens Arrest" and "Four Parks in One Day".

Back on the Mighty Men of Mouse Podcast, episode 149 dated 24th March 2014 the trio suggested suitable but perhaps creative punishments for various theme park guests "crimes".  So we built on this and asked our listeners for their suggested crimes.

Our second feature is a response to a listeners question, Craig Lucas wrote in and asked for advice on how he could tackle visiting the four parks, at Walt Disney World, in one day. 

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Sunday 8 February 2015

Show 32 - WDW Happy at Disneyland too!

If you have been to Walt Disney World as well as Disneyland, you will have been asked questions like this... What's the difference? or Which park is best?
On today's show, we investigate that - can you really give a clear answer? Whilst this topic is huge, we look at several eaterers, an attraction and show. To help us with us, we have Sam Turner and his wife Ashley Kennedy Turner of WDW Happy Place

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Tuesday 3 February 2015

Show 31 - Social Clubs & Christmas

For this show, Michelle and Jayne are joined by Roxy Tart and Jeanie Gallo to discuss two very different topics.

Roxy Tart

Any attendee to Disneyland will know about the Social Clubs, we have been incredibly fortunate to have guest, Roxy Tart, explain about the group she began. Whatsmore, Roxy is also part of the upcoming Disney documentary, The Dark Side of Disney as well as the Jem and the Holograms film.
For more information about Roxy, go to Welcome to Roxy's World or tweet @roxy_tart

Jeanie Gallo
We welcome Jeanie back to the show once more, and we are fortunate to share the highlights of her December trip to WDW. Be aware... she does mention so many delicious delacies so you might need a snack or two with you!
For more information about Jeanie, go to The Princess Papers or tweet @jeanieblue114

Earvengers Podcast

Just a reminder to try out the other show we are involved with, The Earvengers. Every Monday we release a new show which takes a lighthearted view of news, features and lots more based around your favourite Disney parks. So join us, the Disgeek Podcast, WDW Happy Place and Mighty Men of Mouse as we go round the table and discuss!

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Our next show will be released on the 9th February 2015 so till then, take care.