Sunday 5 January 2014

Art of the Disney Dream Girls

We have had lots of lovely comments about the artwork used here on our blog, our Twitter profiles, iTunes feed and Facebook page so we thought we'd let you in on how it all came about!

Jayne's husband, Simon, has a bit of an artistic flair and something he has put to good use over the past 29 years working in the video games industry as well as in his spare time.  And whilst Simon's artwork is diverse and varied there has been something of a Disney theme in the past few years ever since Jayne challenged him to draw a Mickey a day for 365 days back in 2011.  So when Jayne decided to launch her own blog ( back in August 2012 Simon stepped in to provide the artwork and icons...
A little Disney dreaming...
After meeting Michelle via the power of podcasts and social networking Simon was given the challenge of re-vamping the then Minnie Minxes website as well as providing some artwork for a WDW Radio UK Fan Group meet.  It then seemed only logical that the Disney Dream Girls would turn to his talents as our podcast was launched.

Simon wanted to make sure that the images used represented both ladies, as well as what the show was all about.  Michelle opted for her favourite princess, Snow White, as inspiration while Jayne went for a hidden Mickey/Disney Couture inspired design. Armed with a ton of imagery for both ladies Simon set to on designing something fabulous for us!

So Simon not only designed the two ladies iconic images but the various logos, backgrounds, text, colour schemes in fact anything that needed a bit of artistic flair! This meant having to come up with different versions of the same artwork to meet all the different constraints of Twitter, Blogger, Feedburner, Facebook etc, etc....why is it every site works differently to each other?  Thankfully Simon's expertise in the world of computing meant that this wasn't an issue and the results now speak for themselves!
You can find more of Simon's amazing artwork over on his website or you can follow him on Facebook or on Twitter @simoprh  Simon is always available for commission work and can be contacted via his website or email at for more details.

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