Sunday, 13 September 2015

Show 062 - Tokyo Talking

Hello and welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls podcast, show number 062. On this show, we are joined by Patricia and Chris from the TDR Explorer Podcast and website to talk us through visiting the Disney theme parks in Tokyo.

Firstly, we discussed the location of the parks and their proximity to each other. As they are near to each other, with entrances back to back, a little walking will be required. 
Tokyo Disneyland Resort
Photo Credit - TDR Explorer
 Then we chat about the different places to stay, the old favourite - on site or off site.  Your choice will be determined by your budget. We discuss the various compromises and the amazing transport links that may enable you to stay a little further out from the parks and save you Yen! 
Disneyland Hotel
Photo Credit - Tokyo Disneyland Resort Japan Website
Disneyland have a trio of 'onsite' hotels. Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Disney Ambassador Hotel and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta. The next 'tier' of hotels are the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels, which there are five. Then there are the Tokyo Disney Resort Partner Hotels and again there are five of these. The final section is the Good Neighbor Hotels, to which there are twelve. Obviously, you can choose and book one of the many other hotels in the area. I suggest a visit to the Disney website to compare the benefits of these hotels -Disneyland hotel comparison
Disneyland Tokyo Resort at Halloween
Photo Credit - TDR Explorer
Then, we look at ticket prices and we are happy to report that the prices aren't that bad. The day ticket is one of the cheapest Disney park tickets and Chris and Patricia both said a four day ticket should be sufficient but for a more thorough experience you can always add extra days.
Photo Credit - Tokyo Disneyland Resort Japan Website
Our next topic was running through the attractions for both parks. There are some old favourites but also some very unique attractions to enjoy. Out of the two parks, Patricia urges, if you had just one day, go to Disney TokyoSea because of its stunning theming and its utter uniqueness.
Pooh's Hunny Hunt
Photo Credit - TDR Explorer
Then of course we have to talk food! There are plenty of options if you are a fussy eater, you can find burgers, fried chicken and pizza. However, there are lots of other options available if you are more adventurous. Chris absolutely loves the Gyoza dog, which is frequently changed to match the different seasons. 
Gyoza Dog 'Cruella' Style
Photo Credit - TDR Explorer
Towards the end of the show, Chris and Patricia give some top tips on what to expect when visiting and also some invaluable advice.

If you want to find out more about Disneyland Tokyo Resort, firstly listen to our show. Then, go direct to the amazing website of our guests, Patricia and Chris

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