Sunday, 22 May 2016

Disney Dream Girls 108 - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show 108 for 22nd May 2016.
On this show, we start by taking a tongue-in-cheek look at the Disney property portfolio (from the viewpoint of an estate agent) and then our resident princess - Jeanie - discusses the opening of Town Centre at Disney Springs. Whilst on the show she mentions several eateries, below we share photos and some additional information on B. B. Wolf and The Daily Poutine.  So let's start with B. B. Wolf.
Walk up kiosk of B. B. Wolf - Photo Credit J. Gallo

B. B. Wolf is themed around the 1933 Disney Silly Symphony of The Three Little Pigs and there are some cute little nods to this within the theme such as the brick chimney and the wolf shaped weather vane. Its sells sausage and tasty sausage at that!
B B Wolf - Photo Credit J Gallo
Three Little Pigs - Photo Credit J Gallo
Hot Sweet Sausage - Photo Credit J Gallo
Bavarian Sausage - Photo Credit J Gallo
Italian Veggie Sausage - Photo Credit J Gallo
Looks amazing? Well Jeanie can confirm that each and every one tastes fabulous. She was particularly impressed with the Italian veggie sausage, which she said had a lovely texture, and tasted sublime (a pleasant change from the usual tofu variety). Each sausage is served with a zingy side of crispy house-made pickles. Prices range from $8.49 to $10.39. Soft drinks, as well as two draft beers, are available. 
Menu with prices - Photo Credit J Gallo
Next port of call was The Daily Poutine. This is a dish I have never eaten... I know where have I been hiding! Thanks to Jeanie, I know now this is a Canadian speciality based on thick cut fries (or as Brits like me call them - chunky chips), cheese curds and beef gravy. The store is nestled across from Amorettes (which we also discuss on this show) and has a stunning fountain surrounded by pretty flowers right by the queue line.
Area Outside - Photo Credit J Gallo
Four varieties are currently being served; the classic, Latin, Italian and French. Each one looks delicious and are distinctly different. We discuss each on the podcast but I can't help but say that the servings are very generous and the Latin is a very unique take - not involving fried potato at all!
Menu - Photo Credit J Gallo
The Classic - Photo Credit - J Gallo
The Latin - Photo Credit J Gallo
The Italian - Photo Credit J Gallo
French - Photo Credit J Gallo
Both B. B. Wolfe and The Daily Poutine accept the Disney Dining Plan Counter Service credit but as there is no dessert option, they offer two non-alcoholic drinks instead. 

We hope we have tantalised your taste-buds... however, there are lots more detail on the podcast so please give it a listen and get in touch when you try these dishes! We will be back next week with some more Disney theme park fun.  

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