Monday 19 March 2018

Disney Dream Girls 201 - The Disney Imagineer Interaction

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 201 for Sunday 19th March 2018. If you want to listen, whilst you read these notes, all you have to do is press the green triangle on the audio player below.

Coming up on todays show, Michelle is joined by former Disney imagineer Terri Hardin to do what Terri does best - talk!

Our discussion began with Terri talking about some of the projects she is currently involved in. The first being the third sculpture in her impressions range, namely Baby Groot.
The next in the set will be the three hitch hiking ghosts from the much loved Haunted Mansion but they will be presented in a manner not attempted by any other artist! For the details you will have to listen to the show!
Another project Terri is working on is a Paris Retreat. Where you can by guided, by Terri, through not just Disneyland Paris but also Paris itself. 

Those of you who are avid listeners of the show, you will know that Terri worked on a number of attractions at Disneyland Paris. On her retreat, you will get to hear about them from conception to visualisation and then be able to question and discuss these with her right by the attraction.

What makes this tour unique is that you get the opportunity to appreciate Paris through the eyes of an artist. On the retreat, prepare for some foodie elements too as Terri loves her fine cuisine!
The final item Terri discussed was a very special creative course she is planning for October 2018. During this event she will tease out your creativity and guide you through the  how draw and she also mentioned playing with clay! If you wish to register an interest in this, or any of the other mention items please get in touch with either Michelle or Terri. Terri can be reached via her website
Concept Model Galaxy's Edge - Photo Credit Disney Parks Blog
Then the discussion turned to Galaxy's Edge (aka Star Wars Land) and its upcoming opening in Disneyland in 2019. Terri had heard some rumours about opening day and she did not mince her words!

Along the way a few other topics were discussed but the show ended with Terri sharing a few details about the Muppets. Many of you may not realise that Terri is also a highly regarded puppeteer, having worked on previous Muppet shows and films such as Ghostbusters and The Flintsones. So Michelle couldn't let her go with out discussing that and also sharing her Nicolas Cage story.

So that just about wrapped up show 201. If you want to hear the entire audio of Michelle's conversation with Terri Hardin, rather than the edited down version played on the podcast, you can visit our Patreon website and find out how you can get access to this and other exclusive audio and content - Patreon Link.

Don't forget to visit Terri's website to keep upto date with her projects and, as usual our contact details are:

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