Monday 9 July 2018

DDG 217 - Spotlight on Pixar

Welcome to part 2 of show notes for the Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 217 for Sunday 8th July 2018. If you want to listen, whilst you read these notes, all you have to do is press the green triangle on the audio player below. Alternatively, why not listen via iTunes, Stitcher Radio or any podcast catching place!
Coming up in these show notes, is the second part of our show notes and this time we will be looking at the offerings available in Pixar Pier. Firstly, we must thank our friend Thomas Allison (from the Disgeek Podcast and The Cruise Dudes Podcast) for the information and photographs we use. 
Photo Credit Thomas Allison
Whilst there are not any 'new' attractions here, two favourites have been re-imagined to fit within the new Pixar theming. In addition, Toy Story Mid Way Mania remains and there are some games to play linked into the Pixar franchise. In addition, in 2019 there will be Jessie's Critter Carousel.
Photo Credit Thomas Allison
The Incredicoaster
This attraction is definately a thrill ride and is available for guests over 48" to ride. It is the 8th longest rollercoaster in the world (3rd longest in the USA). It has a top speed of 55mph and has one inversion. 
Photo Credit - Thomas Allison
The theming fits incredibly well with the franchise and is a must ride daytime but also in the nighttime. Pixar Pal-A-Round
Photo Credit - Thomas Allison
This is a re-theming of Mickeys Fun Wheel. Here upto six guests can share a gondola and there is an option of a fixed vehicle of a swinging one. There is no height restriction on this attraction. 

Food Offerings
There are four main places to get food that is themed around the Pixar franchises:
  • Angry Dogs
  • Senor Buzz Churros
  • Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats
  • Poultry Palace
  • Jack Jack's Cookie Num Nums
Photo Credit Thomas Allison
On the show we chat in detail about the Poultry Palace as a good place to visit for a meal that offers a change from burgers or sandwiches. 
Photo Credit Thomas Allison
So that about wraps up part 2 of this weeks show notes. If you are planning a visit to Disneyland and would like to review it and share your views - please get in touch with us!

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