Sunday 16 December 2018

Disney Dream Girls 239 Disney Movie Magic

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 239 for Sunday 9th December 2018.  If you want to listen, whilst reading these notes, just click the player below or alternatively find us in iTunes, Libsyn, on Stitcher Radio or via any good podcast catching app.

On this weeks show, Michelle is joined by Kat and Lewis to talk through a range of Disney topics and one of them is Ralph Breaks the Internet (pretty much spoiler free).

On the show, Lewis revealed he hadn't heard of what A113. So we thought we would share what this is and suggest some other Easter eggs from the film.

So A113 is an inside joke, an Easter egg created by alumni of the California Institute of the Arts, referring to the classroom used by graphic design and character animation students including Disney and Pixar's  John Lasseter, Tim Burton and Brad Bird. In Ralph Breaks the Internet look out for A113 when Vanellope runs past a room on her way to meet the princesses in the Oh My Disney section of the film.

Now you know about A113 you need to be on the look out for it as it has appeared in every Pixar movie as well as lots of other Disney films, video games and various TV shows and animations.

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