Sunday, 27 October 2019

283 Halloween Horror Nights At Universal Studios

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 283 for Sunday 27th October 2019.  If you want to listen, whilst reading these notes, just click the player below or alternatively find us on iTunesLibsyn, Stitcher Radio or via any good podcast catching app.
On this week's show, Michelle is joined by James H Carter II. James is the director of the Foolish Mortal documentary, the videographer/editor at Nightmarish Conjurings and founder of The Creepy Kingdom Podcast.  Together, they chat through the offerings guests can find at Halloween Horror Nights at the Universal Studios - primarily in Hollywood. 
Universal Studios offers horror nights at four of its parks, namely, Orlando, Hollywood, Japan and Singapore. During the discussion, they focus on Hollywood however a lot of the discussion covers what to expect when attending such an event at any one of these parks.  To view a park map showing all the offerings - park map or we have a smaller image below.
Firstly, James helps de-mystify what to expect at an event as Michelle did struggle initially a little to conceptualize what it involved but she did know it involved mazes and houses. However, a maze is not a maze and a house is not technically a house. So what are there? James explained that rather than saying maze, think a pathway through your favourite movie and the boundaries of these were like large walled structures - with each theme being kept within each structure. 
James listed some of the headlining attractions and discussed what could be expected at each. From Stranger Things to Ghostbusters to Us there sounded to be something for everyone. 
Then he talked a little about some of his personal favourites at this event and also shared some top tips on how to maximise guests time to ensure as much as the key events were enjoyed. From utilising a paid service - called Express Pass - to having a park strategy, James said it was possible to cover a lot of it in one visit. However, each visit would be different so many people opt to visit on multiple occasions.
Moving away from the horror nights, James explained that there is a permanent Walking Dead attraction at the park and suggested that Michelle visited. At this point Michelle went a little faint as we all know how much of a scardy pants she is! But with a little bit of coaxing, James persuaded her she should visit on her forthcoming California trip and report back about the park in general. So listen in for no doubt an awesome review come January!
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