Sunday 19 January 2020

296 - Steakhouse 55 Afternoon Tea Experience

Should you invest your time and money on afternoon tea at Steakhouse 55? My answer is a big resounding yes! If you want to hear us review the experience (as part of our weekly podcast), click the link below to hear it right now or find us in your usual podcast listening device by searching - The Disney Dream Girls.
Firstly, you will need a reservation as these advanced dining reservations vanish quickly. They can be made up to 60 days in advance by telephoning or signing up and making a reservation via their website/app.
You can find the restaurant next door to Goofy's Kitchen, inside the Disneyland Hotel. Ensure you add extra time onto your visit to explore the lobby - it is certainly worth it!
There are hints of Walt Disney all around you in this restaurant - along with all sorts of Hollywood stars of bygone years. Inside, it is very elegant and seating is either in an open booth (like the one we had) or on more central tables.
Once seated, we were given the menu and a choice of which tea to order.  The prices are standard at $55 or premium at $70. Yes, you can say - ouch but by the end of this blog, you hopefully will agree that there is value and we all felt the $70 premium tea was the way to go. Annual pass discounts apply but there are taxes and gratuity on top of the quoted price. The price also includes three-hours of valet parking at the Disneyland hotel - a very handy add on. 
We began by choosing our teas from the very extensive menu and having a fresh bottle of sparkling wine opened tableside for us. The wine was very good - not too sweet nor dry. We all chose different teas and were impressed by the selection and the taste. I had the nutty chocolate and found it to be a very refreshing drink that complimented our meal. Our server offered recommendations and was available to help demystify the types of tea available to match our palate. 
Then onto the food and we began with a delightfully flavoursome salad. The dressing was sublime and each mouthful had something zingy and tasty in it. The blue cheese was perfect and I really liked the pomegranate.

Then our waiter explained the main event to us - the cakes and the sandwiches - so here he is!
The desserts were delicious however, I did feel the sandwiches were the weaker element of the meal. They were pretty but not very satisfying; we found the bread to taste and feel a little dry and also I prefer sandwiches with a base and lid (it's the English gal in me!). My favourite was the chocolate covered strawberry but the scones were also very good.

We did not eat everything that was served to us so they kindly packaged our leftovers up for us. At the end of our meal, we received a duo of truffles - a nice touch, which is only part of the premium tea.

Would we go again? Yes! I heartedly recommend paying extra for the premium tea also as we all felt the wine, salad, and truffles were well worth the additional $15.  

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