Sunday, 6 December 2015

Disney Dream Girls 074 - Home and Away with the Dream Girls

Welcome to the Disney Dream Girls podcast, show notes for episode 074

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Now on to the show notes. We start by discussing some of our coping strategies to bring Disney magic in to our homes at Christmas. When there isn't any prospect of a Disney park fix, how do you manage? We share some of the ways we make our lives have a lot more Disney! On the show we discuss:

·      Disney tree
·      Ornament exchanges
·      Disney stockings
·      Disney movies
·      Disney Christmas music
·      Disney Christmas apparel
·      Disney Christmas cards
·      Disney baked goods
·      Disney gifts buying or receiving
·      Social media stalking of friends in the parks

Did we miss any? Let us know what you do.
Photo Credit - Disney Parks Blog

Then we move on to talking about Disneyland at Christmas. Whilst we do not review everything (seriously it would be a three hour show!). We cover some main points and hope, if you are going it will assist in your planning and if you are not going, will help with the homesickness pangs! From the wonderful parade (21st years old this year, so we discuss that!) to the attractions and of course the food!

                                its A Small World - Photo Credit Disneyland Website

                                  Bundt Cake Above and Peppermint Beignets Below
                                              Photo Credit Disney Parks Blog


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