Sunday, 5 June 2016

Disney Dream Girls 110 - Frozen, Disneyland, Harry Potter Studio Tour & DLP Behind the Ride Refurbs

Welcome to the show notes of the Disney Dream Girls podcast, show 110 for Sunday 5th June 2016. Coming up on today's show Michelle and Jayne look at the offerings in Disneyland Resorts and Disneyland Paris for Summer 2016 plus lots more!

Firstly, a very special food report via our listener Katie Mason. There's only an Earl of Sandwich open in the UK! Katie shared pictures earlier in the week on our Facebook page, but in case you missed them, I've included a couple below.
Photographic Proof
Click to enlarge the menu
And yes... they are sweet potato fries you can see in the picture! Unfortunately, the sandwiches are a little more expensive than in the USA but heck for a treat it is a slice of Disney on our doorstep!

Disney Parks blog released a list of sixteen sizzling things to do this Summer at Disneyland. Well we decided to make a comment on them. Unfortunately, unlike Walt Disney World, there isn't anything that new except for the Frozen show taking over at the Hyperion Theatre and a neat Annual Pass holder promotion on popcorn. 
Frozen Live at the Hyperion Photo Credit Disney Website
Over in Disneyland Paris, we take a closer look at two of the attractions that are being overhauled: Peter Pan's Flight and Rock N Roller Coaster. 
Peter Pan's Flight Photo Credit Disneyland Paris News Website
With audio courtesy of the official Disneyland News website, we catch up to date with the revamp of Peter Pan as it sees them getting the blacklight and painting upgrade that the Disneyland Resort did recently. In Walt Disney Studios, my favourite rollercoaster, Rock N Roller Coast, is having some work done on its propulsion system and a paint upgrade. All sounds very exciting!

Then, Michelle announces she has taken all leave of her senses and has booked a weekend trip to Paris... just to try and meet Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. They are due to make an appearance at the Inventions Brunch on 19th June 2016.

Finally, on a non Disney note, Michelle shares a quick review of her trip to the Warner Brothers Studios, which is just outside London, where she toured the Harry Potter film sets.
So all in all it was a busy short show! We will be back next Sunday with another show for you. Until then, to keep up to date with all things Disney Dream Girls you can:

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