Thursday 2 June 2016

Ears with Sparkle and Style

We have been known, here at the Disney Dream Girls, to love our head attire. Whether it be tiara or ears, we wear them proudly... sometimes when we aren't even at a Disney theme park. So when I came across a new source for ears I had to invest in a pair of their bespoke stylish ears.

Meet Alyssa, she is the creative genius behind Queen Ursula - wearable art for Poor Unfortunate Souls. When she's not working, making ears or sleeping you will find her at a Disney park. Luckily, I got to meet her at Disneyland Paris earlier this year and got to know a little bit about her and the amazing ears she makes.
My ears with the podcast tag line
With Snow White's colours on the reverse
So how do you get into making something like this? I had the chance to ask Alyssa that very question along with a few more! She told me she made her first pair around 18 months ago because the designs in the stores really didn't do it for her. In fact, the only official ears she has are the limited edition Ursula ones that a good friend brought her back from Walt Disney World.  
Beauty and the Beast Pair
She loves to wear flamboyant outfits (she is well known for her amazing Disney dresses and Disney bounds) when in the parks and needed ears to match so she started to make them herself. A year ago she listed her first pair on Etsy and things have gone from there. She says that it's so exciting that people enjoy her craft and ears. If she had to guess, she thinks she may have made around 450 pairs since then.
Previous Custom for Toy Story Fan
The most requested pairs by far are the Mickey and Minnie faces with Belle and Rapunzel being the most popular princess designs. As to personal favourites, she has too many to choose from. She loves the Cheshire Cat/Queen of Hearts pair as well as some Mary Poppins ears that are her sisters. 
Tower of Terror Ears
The most amount of hours that have gone into a pair are the Tower of Terror and Phantom Manor ones she recently completed though she did say that she is currently working on some very detailed Cinderella ones right now.

She is incredibly busy, with her Etsy store currently closed. But follow her on twitter and instagram @queen_ursula_uk for updates on openings! 

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