Sunday, 18 September 2016

Constant Cravings for Amorettes

Warning, you might not want to read this when hungry as it contains mouth-watering images of the most decadent, delicious delacies you ever want to eat!

Pinboard inside Amorettes enhancing the theme
Amorettes opened up a few short months ago in the Town Centre section of Disney Springs. I was in Orlando for just 15 days and in that time I visited Amorettes not once but four times. This alone should give you a clue to how much I loved their fine patisserie. In fact, if getting to Disney Springs wouldn't have taken 2-3 hours out of my day, I would have eaten there daily. To find out... look and read on!
My favourite that I took away to enjoy at the hotel
During my visits, I managed to try at least six of the cakes currently on the menu. I opted to try flavours I was familiar with or liked. But there truly is something for everyone. However, there was a cake I had twice because I loved it so much - Amorette's Petit Cake. This was sublime! Whilst only classed as a petit cake, I shared it out for a taste between six or would work between two or three for dessert.
Stunning packaging and fabulous staff
This cake has eleven layers - yes eleven. They consist of:
  • red velvet cake
  • chocolate cake
  • cherry mousse
  • chocolate mousse 
  • raspberry pate de fruit jelly
  • Italian buttercream
Up close, the eleven layers of the Petit Cake

Tea Time Petit Cake
Another Petit Cake was the Tea Time Petit Cake. This one was very pretty and I saw a chef hand finishing them in the store. They really are truly mini pieces of art. This cake was packed with layers of lemon flavours.
Dancing with Pavlova
Upclose view
The Dancing with Pavlova was another favourite. It was so delicate but packed a real flavour punch. Originally, this was a square design but I feel the design change has visually enchanced it and the delicate floral touch is very pretty. The raspberry jelly was so good! It had a really light touch and I felt I wasn't been too greedy with this one.

For chocoholics there are plenty of choices too from their Opera Cake (coffee and chocolate flavours), Avant Guarde (chocolate chiffon cake) and their Sacher Torte (chocolate, almond and apricot). Also don't forget their other pastries as there are lots to choose from including an incredible chocolate chip cookie.

If you want to celebrate, there are the dome cakes. These are playfully based around Disney characters. I would imagine would serve anywhere from 6 as a large dessert to tastings for around 12 people. Each cake has a different flavour profile and the difficulty is choosing which to order!

Have you been and tried a cake from Amorettes? Please let us know your thoughts! Finally, listen out to our podcast number 125 as we will be talking more about Amorettes on this show.

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