Monday 17 April 2017

Disney Dream Girls 154 - The Women Who Worked With Walt Disney

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls podcast for show number 154 for Sunday 16th April 2017. As always, if you wish to listen to the podcast, whilst reading this blog, all you have to do is click on the audio player below. Alternatively, our podcast canbe found in places that host podcasts such as iTunes (click here to subscribe) and Stitcher Radio.
Coming up on this weeks show, we answer a listeners question and then move on to a feature about two women who have impacted on our Disney experiences probably a lot more than we ever realise, namely Dorothea Holt Redmond and Mary Blair.

So to start with, we welcome another question from our lovely listener Shannon Holland. Her question covers two elements - Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party and transportation from park to park. Lets start with MNSSHP.
Firstly,  this year it is starting out incredibly early with two parties scheduled for August! Shannon's question was what would we recommend she does prior to going to the party? She was hoping to spend the day at Hollywood Studios.  So we give her our thoughts and we both agree to have a much easier day, perhaps by the pool or at Disney Springs. Mainly because you can gain entry to the Magic Kingdom with a party ticket from 4pm and the party runs til midnight - its a tiring day, especially if you have done another park prior to it.
The second part of her question, relates to how long should she allow for transportation park to park as she had heard it could take an hour. Whilst this does sound a long time, it can take less or even more - there are many factors to consider. An important note to remember is to use the the whole array of Disney transportation from monorail to the watercraft and buses.  
Dorothea Redmond - Photo Credit D23
Finally, on to our main feature where we look at some of the contributions made by the women who worked with Walt Disney. Our first woman who worked with Walt Disney is Dorothea Holt Redmond. Her name may not be familiar but her work will be. Apart from Disney, she is well known for her contributions to films made by Alfred Hitchcock and also Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind. On the show, we give a mini biography charting her life and involvement in the film industry prior to taking a post with Walt Disney Imagineering. Also, we share where you can find her work.
Shadow of Doubt Sketch - Credit
Gone With The Wind Concept Art - Credit Art Directors Guild
In the Disney parks, you will find her work across the theme parks. The most iconic is the mosaic she designed inside Cinderella Castle. It is stunning and incidently is signed by her, as well as the craftsman Hanns Scharff. Additionally, over in Disneyland, she worked on the redesign of the Red Wagon Inn to The Plaza Inn and a majority of New Orleans Square - including concept art for The Haunted Mansion (she has her own tombstone acknowledging this in the graveyard).
Murals inside Cinderella Castle
Our second woman, is Mary Blair. Her contribution to attractions, in park artwork and animation is legendary.
Mary Blair at Work
On the show we discuss how she came to work at WDI and also the projects she worked on. Many of our favourite attractions have become so well loved due to the styling by Mary. For the 1964 Worlds Fair, she worked closely with Walt on its a Small World. Who then would ever have imagined that the original dolls could still be found in Disneyland? 
Mary discussing its A Small World with Walt Disney
Tony Baxter sharing artwork by Mary
Her 'hard hat'

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