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Animal Tales Tour at Disney Animal Kingdom - DDG 160

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls podcast for show number 160 for Sunday 28th May 2017. If you wish to listen to the podcast, whilst reading this blog, all you have to do is click on the audio player below. Alternatively, our podcast can be found in most places that host podcasts such as iTunes (click here to subscribe) and Stitcher Radio.
Coming up on this weeks show, we are joined by guest Becky Manion to talk about the Animal Tales tour she took at Disney Animal Kingdom as well as the usual Disney chit chat between Michelle and Jayne. 

The tour is approximately three and a half hours long and costs $90. It is offered at 7.30am on most days and can be booked by calling (407) 939-8687. It is suitable for teens upwards and wheelchair/ECV users needs are accomodated for. For tours aim to to enable guests: to have a backstage look at the animal-housing areas; see how their dietary needs are met; see how their veterinary staff care for the animals and find out more about conservation efforts.
For those of you who have been backstage before, you will appreciate it is a very different environment. It can be very industrial looking. For some this may take away the magic of visiting the parks so consider this factor before booking a backstage tour. However, if you want to see the everyday running of a theme park, read on!

On the show, Becky explains the check-in process and what was for her the best part of the tour... being the first guests in the park - meaning picture opportunities! Check-in saw you been given the usual headsets, name badge and a cool metal drinking bottle (filled with water) with the tour name printed on the front.

As Becky did not want to give too many spoilers away on the show but she did share some elements she found interesting such as how their track an animals well-being using glitter and how one animal likes a cup or two of Twinnings tea.

A highlight was getting close to some of the animals. Alas, as this was mostly a backstage tour, photo taking was not permitted hence the picture above is from the WDW website but you do get to visit the Rhinos!
Whilst the tour is not a hands-on experience there was some upclose encounters during the tour. Additionally, Becky did meet a wide range of specialists that spoke about their role in the park. 

To sum up the tour, the price is inline with other Disney experiences (in fact possibly a little less) but $90 is quite high and if you have a large group wishing to take part then the cost will be very high for you. However, if you are keen to find out more about the animals then this is a must.

We hope you have enjoyed this show and if you are looking to book a Disney or indeed any holiday, why not get in touch with our friends over at Holiday Hamster for a quotation  by clicking here.  

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