Monday 22 May 2017

Cutest Tokyo Disneyland Snacks

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls podcast for show number 159 for Sunday 21st May 2017. If you wish to listen to the podcast, whilst reading this blog, all you have to do is click on the audio player below. Alternatively, our podcast can be found in most places that host podcasts such as iTunes (click here to subscribe) and Stitcher Radio.

On this weeks show, we welcome Chris Nilghe of TDR Explorer podcast and together with Michelle they talk about the cutest items you might find in the Tokyo Disneyland Resort but in true Dream Girls fashion, we start with the food.
Photo Credit TDR Explorer Website
1. Dumplings aka Mochi There are a range of different dumplings you can get and I defy anyone to say that these items aren't cute! We mention the two current varieties, firstly the Green Alien dumplings and then the Scrump dumplings. These are made from pounded rice and filled with delicious creams such as strawberry and chocolate. The Scrump ones have three flavours and Chris says his favourite is the sweet potato. Whichever you try, we are sure you will agree that they are highly addictive!
Photo Credit TDR Explorer Website
2. Mickey and Minnie Waffles
Who could resist a clear plastic pot filled with these indulgent treats - especially when served with a side of maple syrup! Yum! These are perfectly light and fluffy and totally do not need to be shared!
Photo Credit TDR Explorer Website
4. Gyoza Dog These are larger than the picture shows! They are filled with ground pork with chives, onion, cabbage, garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce then encased in a dough. This treat is available in Tokyo Disney Sea and sometimes they other seasonal variations. Warning - the lines do get long! Previous guests of the show Kat and Lewis also raved about this treat in past podcast shows.
Photo Credit Kat Maddever
5. Eukiwa Bun
This one is worth buying for the really cute packing alone! You will find Donald Duck bursting through the lifesaver steamed bun! Not for those with a shellfish allergy though as it is full of juicy shrimp!
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6. Chandu Tail
You will find a large variety of steam filled buns in Tokyo, which confused Michelle as she thought buns meant cake! But these are savoury and can have varied fillings. The Chandu tail is packed with creamed chicken and is available at Disney Sea in the Sultan's Oasis. Just look at the picture... they are cute! Increadibly well themed too as I'm sure listeners to the show will recall our love of all things Chandu when we reviewed the boat rides in Tokyo.  However, whilst Chris was a fan, we've read other reviews that say the packaging is more appealing than the snack.
Photo Credit TDR Explorer Website

7. Tapicoa Drinks For a warm day in the parks there is nothing more soothing than this drink and the bonus is they look cute too! They are similar to bubble tea and can be found in many locations.  Some of the tapicoa drinks have the cutest Mickey shaped 'bubbles' in too!
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8. Bread
Now you may think bread... why are you including this daily staple in the cute list? Well look at the pictures! Mike Wazowski Melon bread is a sweetened bread that the Japanese adore and when you taste we think you will agree with them. There are also other delicious styles to try such as Pluto's bone which is filled with chocolate! 
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Have we whetted your appetite yet? To be fair, we do mention lots more snacks on the podcast but we decided to limit this list to a lucky even eight. So make sure you listen in to the podcast for some more snacks, top tips on cutest outfits, Duffy photo spots and the best themed restaurants. 

We can't urge you strongly enough to go over to and read their blogs, listen to their podcast and watch their youtube videos. They are the best English language podcast for the far east parks.

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