Thursday, 3 August 2017

Disney Dream Girls 170 - Disney News, Views and Questions Answered

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls podcast for show number 170 for Sunday 30th July 2017. If you wish to listen to the podcast, whilst reading this blog, all you have to do is click on the audio player below. Alternatively, our podcast can be found in most places that host podcasts such as iTunes (click here to subscribe) and Stitcher Radio.

Coming up on todays show we look at some news items that caught our eye this week, before moving on to answer some of our listeners questions (and what a mixed bag they were!).

We were very excited by the news that Yak and Yeti Counter Service were going to start offering breakfast items - yay! As you can see from the abridged menu below, there are a wide range of options but we are definately intrigued by the kids options of food on a stick!

Then we discuss a piece from the Daily Mail newspaper where Emily Simpson shares her £15,000 Disney 'addiction'. At first we agree, that figure is quite shocking but as any Disney fan will tell you... Disney is not a cheap hobby and also when you start adding everything up £15,000 is a drop in the ocean! As mentioned on the show, if you want to read more about Jayne's sleeve, here is the link to her blog JP2MK.

We also discuss the newly opened Captain Jack's Les Restaurant Des Pirates, which replaces the Blue Lagoon restaurant in Disneyland Paris. As you can see from the menu below, there are set price options and a la carte. Set price options at DLP usually give the best value. Apologies, I haven't as yet found an English translation of the menu!
New Theming inside the restaurant
Then we move on to answering some questions set by our listeners. Kevin Curtis Allen wanted to know what you would find in a Yorkshire based theme park. Well of course he came to the right place! 

We would have an eatery called Puds, which would serve Yorkshire Puddings with sweet and savoury fillings and of course we had to have a propery Fish and Chip Shop and a place for afternoon tea. As to attractions, we thought it would have to be an inclement weather based attraction!

Then Paul Towarnicki asked us about our treasured Disney items. As I'm sure you will agree, this is a difficult task so instead of just mentioning three... we kinda listed a whole long list!

Finally, Aisha McKinney asked us to dine at Disney for $40 and what would we eat from any Disney park. We chose to visit Animal Kingdom and we both managed three meals and a snack - very impressive!
Dino Bites Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich
As to our favourites, Jayne chose Tonga Toast and Michelle a Dole Whip.

We hope you have enjoyed this show and if you are looking to book a Disney or indeed any holiday, why not get in touch with our friends over at Holiday Hamster for a quotation  by clicking here.

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