Sunday, 20 August 2017

Disney Dream Girls 173 - A Foolish Mortal Tackles the American Pavilion

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Coming up on todays show, Michelle is joined by James H Carter II to talk not only about the Foolish Mortals documentary he and Ryan Gulich have made but also how he would turn the America Pavilion into something creepier and patriotic.

Foolish Mortals Documentary
Our good friend James loves the creepier side of Disney and one of his favourite attractions in the Disney theme parks is The Haunted Mansion. Over the past year, he has been busily making a documentary that focuses on the fan culture surrounding Disney's Haunted Mansion. Find out more by watching the trailer below.
The world premiere took place earlier this year in Anaheim, California but there will also be a showing in Orlando between 22nd to 24th September 2017.
On the show, James shares details about some of the people he met whilst filming from fans to imagineer Rolly Crump. He even discusses the involvement of our good friend Terri Hardin.
Recording segment with Rolly Crump
After our discussion about Foolish Mortals, we move on to re-theming the America pavilion at EPCOT. James decided it should be claimed as the American princesses home - namely Tiana and it should boast an attraction with Friends on the Otherside. I must admit, it does sound amazing!
To keep up to date with news about the Foolish Mortals Documentarty, go to their Facebook page Foolish Mortals Doc.

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