Friday 1 December 2017

DDG 187. Disneyland Paris - Tours To Do

Planning a trip to Disneyland Paris? We we at the Disney Dream Girls have visited this park numerous times and hope our podcast and blogs will inform and entertain you with our top tips. 
Below is the second of several blogs about visiting DLP with this one featuring what tours you can do to enhance your stay. However, for tips on things to do in the park you may wish to listen to our podcast (show 187) whilst you read these notes by clicking the player below. 

Whether you have visited the theme parks several times and are looking for something special to do or you are naturally curious about the mechanisms behind the magic, then a theme park tour is possibly for you. As in the American parks, DLP offers VIP tours. This is a bespoke service fit to suit your needs and will tour you round the park. However, the price point is quite a high one due to the personal service it offers.
For those of use with a more modest budget, park tours will be a fabulous option and there are three options at DLP: A tour of Disneyland, A tour of Walt Disney Studios and the Tower of Terror tour.
Lets start with Disneyland. This tour departs at 1pm or 2pm (this may change due for operational reasons) and costs 50 Euros for adults or 30 Euros for children. It lasts around 2 hours and there is a maximum of 10 guess per tour. How better to find out about the history of the park and its links to Walt Disney by taking this tour? It covers the five different and distinct lands you will find in the park and looks at the themes chosen. No attractions are included on this tour.
The tour of Walt Disney Studio is the same price and departs at 3pm. This is a slightly shorter tour, lasting 90 minutes. This gives guests an insight to Walt's influence on the world of cinema, animation as well as the special effects currently being used in the park.
Finally, the tour of the Tower of Terror costs 40 Euros for adults and 24 for children. It is only offered on Saturdays and Wednesdays currently at 9.10am. Sadly, this is currently offered in French only. Whilst the details I have state there is no ride on the attraction included, I do find this strange. If your French is reasonable or if you are fluent then this would be a wonderful way to find out way about the secrets of this iconic attraction.

We will share another post with other top tips to plan your Disneyland Paris trip real soon! Why not listen to our weekly Disney theme parks podcast? You can find it in most places that host podcasts or via iTunes click this link to go to our iTunes page.  
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