Sunday 26 November 2017

DIsneyland Paris Where to Stay?

Planning a trip to Disneyland Paris? We we at the Disney Dream Girls have visited this park numerous times and hope our podcast will inform and entertain with our top tips. Below is the first of several blogs about visiting DLP with this one featuring hotel choices. However, for tips on things to do in the park you may wish to listen to our podcast (show 187) whilst you read these notes by clicking the player below. 

Where to stay and when to go are the most asked questions that we get. To be fair, this is such a difficult piece of advice to give because of budget constraints, non negotiables and what you want to get from your visit. However, below we share details about some of the options available to you that may help you choose which one to stay at. 

The Disneyland Hotel is the closest to the parks but it is also the most expensive. Disney class this hotel as a five key establishment and it boasts the top level amenties you would expect. From a simple room all the way to the Sleeping Beauty Suite you will find excellent service and a hotel with subtle Disney touches. Even if you choose not to stay here, it is worth a visit!

Next is the Hotel New York (which will be rethemed to a Marvel themed hotel) and this is about a five minute walk to the park plus a personal favourite of Michelle's. This is because it is very close to the parks and at the time of her stays was themed in a New York Art Deco style. Again there are a variety of room options and it is rated 4 keys. Be aware this hotel closes for its make-over in October 2018.
After that, you can choose between Newport Bay Club and Sequoia Lodge - they both are a fifteen minute walk. Jayne stayed at the Sequoia Lodge the other year for her February family trip and loved the theming (very reminiscent of the Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World) as well as finding the walk into the park being very scenic. Whilst it is a lesser rated hotel (holding four keys in comparision to Newport Bay Clubs four), it does have a range of amentities and whilst the rooms are small they are well appointed.

On the other hand, Newport Bay Club, with its 1900 coastal mansion style, was totally refubished in Spring 2016 and we have heard nothing but good things about it. It is beautifully situated on the edge of Lake Disney and has maritime touches throughout. Don't the rooms just look amazing?
Moving slightly further out from the parks, are Hotel Cheyenne and Santa Fe - both having a twenty minute walk. Both have a two key rating and a bolder, more Disney style theming to the other hotels. The Cheyenne has an old-time western vibe and offers rooms to sleep upto four people.
 For the feel of being on Route 66, choose the hotel Santa Fe.
All of the above hotels offer a free shuttle service which drops you off at the Disney Village.  There is a final option and that is the Davy Crocket Ranch however there is no shuttle and it is a fifteen minute drive away. But this hotel does offer the ability to stay in log cabins and a closer proximity to nature.
However, before you book, bear in mind these further points:
  • Disney Hotels charge extra for breakfast
  • Park ticket and meal deal pricing sometimes make this the cheaper option to off site
  • Hotel guests get extra magic hour entry to the parks.
Room at the Vienna Dream Castle Hotel
When Michelle and Jayne went to the parks together in 2017 they stayed off site at the Vienna Dream Castle Hotel. Whilst the theming to us seemed strange, it was incredibly comfortable and included a continental breakfast.
Disney have nine partner hotels, all of which you can access via the shuttle service. In fact, so close you can get to the park within twenty minutes and to be fair some are closer than the Disney hotels! They may not have the Disney extras but you can often get some very good deals. So where you stay really is down to your budget and amount of time you spend in your room to make use of the amenities.

We will share another post with other top tips to plan your Disneyland Paris trip real soon! Why not listen to our weekly Disney theme parks podcast? You can find it in most places that host podcasts or via iTunes click this link to go to our iTunes page.  
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