Tuesday 13 March 2018

Disney Dream Girls 200 - Reflections on Us

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 200 for Sunday 12th March 2018. If you want to listen, whilst you read these notes all you have to do is press the audio player below.

Coming up on this weeks show, Michelle and Jayne celebrate 200 episodes of the podcasts history. So below, we will share our history (and some pictures) of our journey so far!
Our podcast grew out of the ashes of Michelle's previous show - The Minnie Minxes. Whilst Michelle did not create the show, she joined the team after a few episodes and caught the podcasting bug! 

The Minnie Minxes grew in popularity and joined the Touring Plans Network. Through show publicity, Michelle got to know some of the other podcast hosts on the network such as The Disgeeks, WDW Happy Place and The Mighty Men of Mouse. It was around this time, Michelle had been contacted by a fan of the show - Simon Phipps and he agreed to do some artwork for the show. We also held a podcast meet up in conjunction with our friend Emma Godbold and Lou Mongello of WDW Radio.
After a few months, Touring Plans decided to discontinue the podcasting part of their business and due to long complex reasons The Minnie Minxes lost their ability to broadcast their show.
At this point, the original host, Kim Goodwin decided it was time to step away from podcasting. However, Michelle spoke to a few friends and together with Jayne Phipps decided to create a new podcast. Hence the Disney Dream Girls was born. 
However, it does not end there as together with the aforementioned Touring Plan Podcast Network podcasters, The Earvengers Podcast came about.

So now lets move to our personal Disney history.

Michelle's First Trip To Walt Disney World
At WDW with my children
This was July 2010 and I went for three weeks staying at the Swan and Dolphin. You can not believe the number of newbie mistakes I made on this trip! I reckon I did Disney wrong but boy did we have a great time. For the next few years it was our regular August place to visit and with each new trip a more complex spreadsheet was produced! In 2013, I visited Disneyland and then went on to Disneyland Paris. It's addictive you know!

Jayne's  First Trip to Walt Disney World
Simon and I by chance booked a trip to Walt Disney World many years ago (far too many to admit to!). We didn't really know what to expect and as the travel date loomed it did dawn on us how vast a place we were going to! From that moment, we took every chance we could to go back. I guess we have been very lucky to visit both USA parks as well as Disneyland Paris with our children as well as our parents.
Disneyland Paris Trip
Our First Meeting
Halloween October 2012
From messaging Simon and then Jayne we instantly felt we had a lot in common so when an invite to meet up in fancy dress was extended... it just had to happen!

Our First Show
We recorded part of our first show inside Beaches and Cream in August 2013 as by chance our holiday dates to WDW matched up. Jayne and her family kindly endured eating a kitchen sink!

Joint Trip To Disneyland Paris
In 2017, we were able to have a girls mini break and pop over to Disneyland Paris together! The weather was kind and we had a lot of fun!
Thank you for joining in with the first 200 shows and we look forward to the next! 

You can contact us in a variety of ways:

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  1. Huge congrats on your 200th show girls! Still looking & sounding good :)