Sunday 1 April 2018

Disney Dream Girls 203 - Disney Characters, Chocolates and Attractions

Want to find out where to find the best chocolate treats in the American Disney theme parks? Well read on because below we share our top finds!
If you want to hear us discuss this, it is on our podcast - The Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 203 for Sunday 1st April 2018. You can find us on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and all podcast catching places or if you want to listen now all you have to do is press the green triangle on the audio player above. Lets get to the chocolate!
Mickey Premium Bar
Our first item is a personal favourite of Jayne's - funnel cake. Currently, there are two delicious chocolate enhanced versions a cookies and cream version in EPCOT and a chocolate brownie version in Disneyland. Both are guaranteed to hit the spot! These are monster desserts and the they do come out to be one of the pricer items on our list but Jayne's top tip is to share it round!
Cookies and Cream Funnel Cake
Moving to our next top tip - Ghiradelli. In the Disneyland Resort this can be found inside Disney California Adventure and in Walt Disney World it is in Disney Springs. As you enter the store, you are given a complimentary chocolate - so this is the only item on our list which is free!
Trio of Painted Ladies
Anything here is good especially if it includes their chocolate fudge sauce which is devine! So basically anything on the menu with that - will be awesome! However, in our opinion, the most indulgent item is the Painted Ladies Midnight Reverie but there are a trio of painted ladies and Jayne's personal favourite is the Espresso one.
Chocolate Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich
The next on our list was a hop over to EPCOT to the France pavillion to L'Artisan Des Glaces for their amazing chocolate macaron ice cream sandwich. Mouthwateringly soft macaron with deep rich chocolate ice cream - perfect for a Florida cool down.

Many love a chocolate/coffee combo, however another great combo is chocolate, nuts and caramel - a fabulous trio. These ingredients make up the nut clusters that can be found in the confectioners on Main Street USA. Maybe it is due to the Mickey on the front, or just could be the two types of chocolate but these are a great treat.
Next on the list is an offering from the Satu'li Canteen at Animal Kingdom. This domed delight, is the chocolate cake from the quick service in Pandora. It has a crunchy base then rich chocolate goodness with a crisp outer shell. The banana cream on top and the pineapple on the side compliment it perfectly. This is a fabulous dessert and well worthy of its entry to this list. 
Petit Cake - Amorettes
There can be no list of the best chocolate in a Disney theme park without a very big mention to Amorettes, which is a must visit store in Disney Springs. There are so many chocolate delights here to enjoy but a must have is the petit cake. It has eleven layers of red velvet cake, Italian buttercream, fruit jel, chocolate and cherry mousses. 
Blueberry cheesecake, petit cake and chocolate eclair
To be honest, we could have included many other items from here but another amazing item is their chocolate covered strawberries - three for $6. 
Butterfinger Cupcake
Our final item is the Butterfinger cupcake, which is available from Starbucks at Disney Hollywood Studios. This is under $6 and packs a massive chocolate hit being a chocolate cupcake with chocolate fudge filling, a marshallow topping that is dipped in chocolate before the Butterfinger crumbles are added. Try it - you will thank us!
Inside the Butterfinger Cupcake
Well that is out list! Our listeners did add in notable mentions to the tiger tail marshmallow wand from Disneyland, the Mickey Premium Bar and the chocolate mud pie from Flo's V8 at Disney California Adventure. But did we miss your favourite? Let us know! We can be contacted via:

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