Tuesday 22 May 2018

Disney Dream Girls 210 - EPCOT Future World Tour

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 210 for Sunday 20th May 2018. If you want to listen, whilst you read these notes, all you have to do is press the green triangle on the audio player below. Alternatively, why not listen via iTunes, Sticher Radio or any podcast catching place!
Coming up on this weeks show, we have our usual On The Week In Disney History feature as well as a review of EPCOTs Future World with our guests Kat and Lewis from the Dis Down Under Podcast. 

When we think about EPCOT we all immediately think of the stunning park icon. Well here are some facts you may or may not already know about our much loved Space Ship Earth.

It is a geodesic sphere that is supported by three pairs of 'legs'. Theoretically, there should be 11,520 isosceles triangles that make up the sphere however some of these are partialy on not even present due to doorways and such forth.
Inside the sphere, is the attraction Space Ship Earth. This attraction opened on 1st October 1982 and takes guests on a journey through how communication has evolved over the years. Guests sit two to a car and a narrator explains the advancements. There is even a photo op and the opportunity at the end of the attraction to send a postcard home!
Another big draw to the future world part of the park is the pavilions of The Seas and Land. Both house attractions but I must admit you will find the longer queues inside the Land! Here you will find Soarin and Living with the Land. Over in the Seas you will find a very cute dark ride called The Seas with Nemo and Friends and an interactive show called Turtle Talk with Crush.
Near to the Land pavilion you will find Journey into Imagination. This is an attraction where you explore how imagination should be set free and you guide for the experience is a purple and orange dragon called Figment.
Innoventions is a practical area where edutainment can happen. From displays and hands on opportunities it is a great place for families to explore scientific principles together.
Finally, down to the last two attractions: Test Track and Mission Space.  Test Track is gives the rider the opportunity to create their own vehicle and then test it (under a range of driving conditions) against other guests in the vehicle. This is a must do as it has a top speed of just over 60mph.
Finally, Mission Space offers the opportunity to become an astronaut on a mission beyond the earth! The attraction has two options: orange and green. Green is a less intense option and gives views (from the spacecraft) of icons around the world whereas orange is very intensive and ends with a landing on Mars. It is a centrifugual spinner attraction and it is advised to follow the health warnings given.
So that is Future World. However, it wouldn't be the Disney Dream Girls Podcast without some foodie chat but for the full infomation on that you will have to listen to the podcast!

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