Sunday 17 June 2018

Disney Dream Girls 214 - A Trio of Disney Theme Parks

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 214 for Sunday 17th June 2018. If you want to listen, whilst you read these notes, all you have to do is press the green triangle on the audio player below. Alternatively, why not listen to us via iTunes, Stitcher Radio or any podcast catching place!

On this weeks show, we have a trio of theme parks to discuss! Firstly Michelle and Jayne talk about some of the ideas they had on what they would do with their Dads at Walt Disney World. The, Tommy Allison (from the Dis Geek Podcast and the Cruise Dudes) shares his review of the recently re-opened Pirates of the Carribean attraction in Disneyland. Finally, we close the show with Mark Petar (of IMDO Podcast) to talk about the latest from Disneyland Paris.
Before we begin, lets wish all of our dads a Happy Fathers Day! And we dug out this fabulous video to help you celebrate.
So, if we were in Walt Disney World with our Dads where would we take them? Michelle had the idea of a cooked breakfast. On the show she discusses the many delights that can be found at Ragland Road in Disney Springs. From a full Irish breakfast to some of their lighter offerings.

Another breakfast idea, was to pop to Art Smiths Homecomin because they have just started a Sunday brunch! For fabulous sized portions and tasty fair - you can not go wrong.
Jayne decided to look into the Star Wars options available in the parks, if you choose to pay for a hard ticket event. Unfortunately, since our previous review of the Star Wars Guided Tour changes have been made and it no longer includes entry to the dessert party. There has been a price reduction to just under $100 but we feel the value is not in this tour anymore.
However, there is the Star Wars Galactic Dessert party and at $79 there could be value if you ensure you hit all of the alcoholic beverages.
Photo Credit @SeenUnseenD
Moving away from Fathers Day, we talk about the newly refreshed Pirates of the Carribean attraction in Disneyland. They in the process of introducing Fastpass and as you can see from the picture that as of writing it is not operational.
There have been some big improvements as well as some controversal ones ; namely, the introduction of Redd. We discuss these on the show. Also, what us your pirate name - let us know!
Photo Credit Tommy Allison
Then we move over to Disneyland Paris to talk about what is new there. 
One of the interesting changes is all of the new foods that they are bringing in that is themed to Marvel. Our guest Mark Petar shares his thoughts with us. 
So that just about wraps up this weeks show! We hope you have enjoyed our Disney musings this week. We will be back next week with more Disney fun!

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