Sunday 28 July 2019

271 - Here with The Ears

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On this week's show, Michelle chats with Robert and Alyssa Simmons from Here With The Ears website.
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I'm sure at some point each and every one of you has turned and said to someone... if only I could live at Walt Disney World! Well that is exactly what Robert and Alyssa did but instead of dreaming - they did it and are currently living it. 
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During their year long adventure, they aim to stay in all the Disney resorts with a staggering 132 room changes to enable them to stay in many different room categories. Another element of their trip is to experience as much as they can from meals to activities and tours. This includes eating at 548 different eateries!
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As they are experiencing this, they are using the information to build their website, as a guide to others to help others get the most out of their own trips. So I urge you to follow them on Facebook, You Tube and their website too.

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