Sunday, 15 September 2019

277 - Terri Hardin Talks Galaxy's Edge

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 277 for Sunday 15th September 2019.  If you want to listen, whilst reading these notes, just click the player below or alternatively find us in iTunesLibsyn, on Stitcher Radio or via any good podcast catching app.
Coming up on this week's show, Michelle and Jayne catch up with a few items of news and then Michelle has a chat with Terri Hardin about what is happening in her life right now. By the way... Terri speaks very candidly about Galaxy's Edge and says it how she sees it so you do not want to miss this show!

Disneyland Halloween Highlights
On the show, we chat through some of the delectable offerings that are available right now. If you get a chance to try something - please get in touch and let us know!
Fuel Rods
We discuss these very handy devices and the rumour that there may be a pricing change.
Dessert Parties
It appears that the dessert parties are going to be subjected to a massive increase so we spend a few minutes discussing the prices.
Terri Talks
For our final segment, Terri Hardin (former Disney imagineer, artist and friend of the show) chats through her thoughts on Galaxy's Edge.
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