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323 Walt Disney World Mountains

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 323, for Sunday 12th July 2020. If you want to listen, whilst reading these notes, just click the player below or alternatively find us on iTunes, Libsyn, Stitcher Radio, or any good podcast catching apps.
On this week's show, we start with some bits of news and updates and then we talk about the Walt Disney World mountains.

Space Mountain
Opening date: 15 January 1975
Duration is 2 minutes and 38 seconds 
Height requirement 44"
Speeds up to 28 mph
There are two different ride tracks and it was the first rollercoaster to be enclosed entirely indoors also it was the first to be controlled by computers. It has FP+ and Photopass.  You may not know but astronaut Gordon Cooper (who was part of the Mercury 9 and Gemini 5 missions) joined the Imagineering team as a consultant. 

Splash Mountain
Opening date: October 2, 1992
Duration 11 minutes and 45 seconds
Height requirement is 40” and has lap restraints
Speeds up to 45mph
The drop into the Briar Patch is a fifty-two and a half feet at a 45-degree angle. The attractions holds 950,000 gallons of water. Terri Hardin crafted the boat texture for WDW (and Tokyo). Plus her rabbit is featured on both boats. 

Big Thunder Mountain Railway
Opening date September 23rd 1980
Duration is 3 minutes
Height requirement 40" and has a lap bar
Speeds up to 35mph
The tallest butte (hill with the flat top) on Big Thunder mountain is 197 feet tall, which means it is taller than Cinderella Castle (189 feet tall). Also, do you know the link to the Enchanted Tiki Room? In the Thunder queue there is a birdcage labelled Rosita!

Expedition Everest 
Opening date April 9 2006
Duration is 2 minutes 50 seconds
Height requirement 44" and has a lap-bar restraint
Speeds up to 50 mph
It is 199.5 feet tall, that means it is just under the 200 feet low fly zone limit! Thanks to Google Earth, if you fly over it, the mountain and track create a giant hidden Mickey. 

Seven Dwarves Mine Train

Opening date May 28 2014
Duration is 2 minute 50 seconds
Height requirement 38" with lap-bar restraint
Speeds up to 34mph
Has a great photo pass video.

We recommend that you should go through the main queue for the wonderful interactive features. Did you know the song - In Your Soup was omitted from the Snow White film but it features in the ride queue. 

Mount Gushmore - Blizzard Beach
Opening date April 1 1995

Mount Gushmore is a mountain that houses three sections of rides, which are labelled red, green and purple but also hides a lot of the pipework ensuring the flowing water to the rides. The highest ride - Summit Plummet - is the highest 'free sliding' body slide in the USA. Summit Plummet is 120 feet tall and riders can speed up to 60mph.
Mount Mayday, Typhoon Lagoon
Opening date June 1 1989
Mount Mayday is a 100-foot man-made mountain located behind the surf pool and has Miss Tilly on the top, as well as slides and waterfalls. It is here you can ride Mayday Falls.
Which is your favourite Walt Disney World mountain? Please let us know!

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