Saturday, 7 August 2021

373 The Disney Dream Girls Podcast

Welcome to the Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 373, for Sunday 8th August 2021.

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We start the show with some on this day in Disney History. On the 9th in 1899 Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers was born and in 1955 Jemima Pancake House opened up in Disneyland.

Moving the the 10th, in 1934 Walt and Lillian sailed to Hawaii - making it their first trip to the islands. 

Finally, on the 11th, in 1983 actor Chris Hemsworth was born.

So moving away from on this day in history, Harmonius will debut for the 50th - what are your thoughts? Watch the video that we shared on the show.

After our Harmonius chat, we move on to talking food - what a surprise! We share a trio of interesting donuts for you to try - let us know your thoughts!

Then we move on to various news items discussing what attractions are open in what parks.

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