Sunday 22 August 2021

375 Boo! Its August so we going trick n treating!

Welcome to the Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 375, for Sunday 22nd August 2021. 

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Boo Bash Review

Our reviewer arrived at 7pm -  as per the ticket allows - which was two hours ahead of the scheduled start time. Despite thinking the event was sold out, tickets were sold at the gate. However, this did not mean longer queues. To be fair the longest we waited for an attraction was 20 minutes. As always, there were the usual treat stations for trick and treat candies plus allergy friendly offerings (collectable from one location next to the Hall of Presidents). 

Our early arrival meant a nice bonus of seeing Happily Ever After, before it is replaced by Disney Enchantment on 1st October. This was shown at 9pm and day guests had to leave. Around us staff were setting everything up for the parties official opening at 9.30pm.

Taking of Castle entertainment, there was no Hocus Pocus show on the Castle Forecourt. But we did manage to catch the Cadever Dans and catch a few tunes at the Tomorrowland disco. 

There were six treats available but there were no restaurants for a meal open. But we could get ice-creams and bottled drinks from the snack stations around the park and pre-boxed popcorn. 

Speciality funnel cake

The biggest disappointment was no unique merchandise but there was lots of other things to buy - some lines disappeared. As we are Sanderson Sister fans we splurged on the trio of sister plush - costing $90 in total.

We saw all the character cavalcades and was lovely to hear the usual parade music.  

Was it value for the ticket price paid? It was $129 plus tax but this does rise up to $199 on Halloween. If you haven't park entry fort the day, the ticket makes better sense but as we have annual passes that didn't apply.

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