Sunday 8 May 2022

409 - From DCL to DLP

Welcome to this week's Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 409 for  May 8th 2022.

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The interwebs and phonelines to Disney almost meltdown over 2023 bookings!

Callers were holding for multiple hours to apply their placeholders to one of the UK sailings from Southampton. Meanwhile, Michelle went online to book a cheeky 4 night cruise to Spain on the Disney Dream. 

Being a silver level cruiser, Michelle was able to book 4 days ahead of the general public and availability for when the general public can book on 9th May will be quite slim!

Have you any desires to travel on a Disney Cruise?

Disneyland Paris Food - Have they upped their game?

Restaurants - Walt's, Restaurant Manhatten, Chez Remy

Chicken Pot Pie - Walt's

Deconstructed Chilli - Walt's
Celebration Dessert - Manhatten Restaurant

Cheese Plate - Manhatten Restaurant

Chez Remy
Snacks - the good, the bad and the down right avoid!

Pineapple Whip
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