Sunday 30 October 2022

430 Disney Dream Girls Podcast

Welcome to this week's Disney Dream Girls Podcast - show number 430 for Sunday 30th October 2022. 

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On this week's show, we look at how to follow a vegan diet whilst in Disneyland Paris. So below are just a few of the many items that are offered.

Snack - Cable Car Bake Shop - 3.50 Euros

Vegan cookie

Snack - Gibson Girl - 3 Scoops 5 Euros

Quick Service - Au Chalet de la Marionette - 16 Euros

Offers a plant based burger - with the usual sides - mini Magnum or yoghurt. 

Quick Service - Toad Hall - 12 Euros

Battered soya and chips

Silver Spur Steakhouse - 32-42 Euros

Even here there is a vegan option. Yes it may not represent value but you can get an avocado salad, vegetable skewer with potatoes, followed by red berries, silken tofu, cashew nuts and popcorn.

Augberge De Cendrillon - 75 Euros

A high-end eatery but again has a vegan option for each course. 

As you can see, being vegan at DLP is possible! And don't forget there is the Disney Village eateries also!

Romance in DLP

Depend on your personality... for some a creepy walk to the dungeons to see La Taniere du Dragon is enough to get the heart racing or a delicious meal with a few drinks. We discuss a few options on the podcast - what do you think?

Christmas in DLP

For me, Christmas is best experienced in the Sequoia Lodge with its rustic feel and warming fires. Christmas, as a Brit is always cold and chilly - possibly with a touch of snow and this is something that will be replicated in DLP. 

Their Christmas time runs from November 12th to the 8th January. So plenty of time to catch all there is to offer. There is Mickey's Dazzling Christmas Parade, Christmas Trees and decorations, Let's Sing Christmas and up to 25th December - Santa!

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