Monday 9 October 2017

Disney Dream Girls 180 - Dining Delights and More At WDW

Welcome to the show notes for the Disney Dream Girls podcast for show number 180 for Sunday 8th October 2017. If you wish to listen to the podcast, whilst reading this blog, all you have to do is click on the audio player below. Alternatively, our podcast can be found in most places that host podcasts such as iTunes (click here to subscribe) and Stitcher Radio.

Coming up on this weeks show, Michelle is joined by fellow podcaster - Thomas Allison and together they talk through some of the joint experiences they had whilst at Walt Disney World this August.
Geyser Point Bar and Grill
If you are looking for a little escapism, good quality food that is attractively priced and a refreshing beverage then look no further - this is the place for you! This eatery was a favourite place to eat during our stay and we made sure our friends Tommy, Lena, Sam and Ashley all visited to enjoy the delicious food. 
Bison Burger
The main attraction here is undoubtedly the bison burger, however I tried the lump cake cake sandwich and that was just as good. Whilst only a small area, there is further seating by the lake so I never found getting a table a problem.
After our delicious burger, we were able to watch Happily Ever After. We didn't know this beforehand but they pipe in the fireworks music and by the lakeside you can get a great non theme park view of the night sky being illuminated. 
We then hot-footed it up to the Territory Lounge, a mere five minute walk. Up to 9.30pm you can order from the Artist Point menu and the star of the show are their warm donuts. In the paper bag were seven warm sugared donuts filled with a lingonberry jam. On the side was a rich coffee chocolate ganache. Sadly when writing up these show notes and checking on the menu, the filling of these seems to have changed... but try them - as I am sure they will be delicious.

Carolwood Pacific Room
For a close link to Walt, whilst at the Wilderness Lodge, you must visit the Carolwood Pacific Room. There you will find a small collection of artefacts linking Walt to his love of trains. It is just past the gift shop and down the pathway to Boulder Ridge Villas.

Homecoming Kitchen Another restaurant first for us was Chef Art Smiths Homecoming Kitchen. Whilst we have reviewed here a few times on the podcast, I personally had not been. Well the portions and quality are the reason why you need to visit. Simple southern food that is cooked well with lots of added love.

Signature Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Feta and Watermelon Summer Salad
Of course we couldn't visit Disney Springs without visiting our favourite cake shop (pardon me - patisserie!). As always, we had a delightful selection to choose from but you know what? I can't help but always having the same petit cake!
Food and Wine
This year was a first for us - neither of us had been to the Food and Wine festival and we had a great day but wish we would have visited a couple more times. The food on offer is of such a wide variety and some posing better value than others.  So my top tip is to hang around the book and check out what others are having! Anyway, here are my two top picks!
Chocolate Tart from The Chocolate Studio
We also went to a cookery demonstration by chef Valorie Entres. We booked this as a pastry class, so we were a little disappointed that is had turned in to being about bagels. However, Valarie was a gem and she did a great talk and boy those bagels were delicious!
So I hope we have given you some thought for thought for when you are planning your next trip to Walt Disney World! Remember, you can always email us to ask us a specific question and we will try our best to help.

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