Thursday, 9 November 2017

Foolish Mortals Music Now Available!

Spell   Caster   Media   has   released   the   soundtrack   to   “Foolish   Mortals”.      The   album   includes seventeen   original   spooky   musical   compositions   written   and   performed   by   the   composing   duo   of William   Dodson   and   Wendall   Jones   that   make   up   Sideshow   Sound   Theatre.      The   album   is available   digitally   in   the   iTunes   store.
“Foolish   Mortals”   is   an   examination   of   the   fan   culture   surrounding   Disney’s   Haunted   Mansion attraction.      

Director   James   H.   Carter   II   has   dug   into   the   lives,   creative   work   and   experiences   of the   countless   masses   who   have   reached   out   to   share   their   interest   in   our   mutual   obsession, looking   for   the   reasons   they’re   in   love   with   this   attraction   while   unearthing   the   ghostly   materials within.

Some   of   the   people   that   appear   in   the   film   are   Disney   legend   Rolly   Crump,   artist   Topher   Adam, former   Imagineer   Jason   Surrell,   Robert   Kurtzman,   Dutch   Bihary,   Terri   Hardin,   Mike   Mendez, Spooky   Dan   Walker,   Lance   Henriksen,   and   many   more!

The   next   public   screening   of   the   film   will   take   place   on   November   19,   2017   at   the   Buried   Alive Film   Festival   in   Atlanta,   Georgia.      More   screenings   will   be   announced   soon.      The   limited   edition Foolish   Mortals   DVDs   are   available   to   order   until   12/1/17   on   the   film’s   website   .         The   film   will   be   released   on   Video   On   Demand   platforms   in   early 2018.

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