Sunday 5 November 2017

Disney Dream Girls 184 - Fireworks and Missed Attractions

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On this weeks podcast, Michelle and Jayne link the history of a British tradition to their favourite fireworks show and then they are joined by their friends at Dis Down Under - Kat and Lewis.
Lewis and Kat on one of their theme park travels
Firework finales are the perfect way to end your Disney day, so we decided to talk through them!

Fantasmic - Debut Date 15th October 1998
This is a 26 minute show in a specially constructed arena that can accommodate 6,900 seated guests  with a further 3,000 standing guests. You are invited to join Mickey Mouse for a festival of lasers, lights dancing fountains and special effects.  

Photo credit WDW Website
Illuminations Reflection of Earth, EPCOT - Debut Date 1st October 1999
This is a 12 minute show that takes place around world Showcase Lagoon.  Images are projected on to a giant sphere in the middle of the lagoon and this retells the Earth's incredible tale from pre-man to now. The sphere then blossoms like a flower, exposing a ball of fire and leads into the shows finale. Fireworks, fire, lasers, projections and water screens tell the story with a fabulous final song. 
Photo Credit WDW Website
Star Wars a Galactic Spectacular, Disney Hollywood Studios - Debut Date 17 June 2016
This is a 12 minute show that takes place in front of the Chinese Theatre. This show has pyrotechniques, projection mapping, fire, lasers, fog/smoke effects and search lights. 
Starts with a brief narrated prologue of the 1977 premiere of Star Wars at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California. Then it is divided into segments dedicated to battles, heroes, creatures, romance, and villains. The show concludes with a montage of all seven original Star Wars film poster art  across the Chinese Theatre.
Photo Credit WDW Website
Remember Dreams Come True, Disneyland Resort - Debut Date 12th April 2018
This is a 17 minute show that takes place on and around Sleeping Beauty Castle. Julie Andrews is the host and you go on a tour of the lands of the happiest place on earth with appearances from Tinker Bell and an array of projections and fireworks.
Photo Credit Disneyland Website
Happily Ever After, Magic Kingdom - Debut Date 12th May 2017
This is a 18 minute show that takes place on and around Cinderella Castle. It includes projection mapping an pyrotechniques. The show is split into segments and each segments has a key theme linked to a Disney character. There are Wishes with Tiana, Adventure with Merida, Friendship with Aladdin, Love with Olaf, Adversity with the Emperor of China (from Mulan), Triumph with Mufasa. Then it returns to the narrator to invite guests to unlock the magic and then Tinker Bell takes flight scattering pixie dust. 
Photo Credit WDW Website
Fantasmic, Disneyland Resort - Debut Date 17th July 2017 
Taking place on the Rivers of America and Tom Sawyers Island, this is an updated version of the original Fantasmic.
Guests share Mickey’s dream and witness the forces of good versus evil. It has special effects, water screens, projections, fire, pyrotechnics and lots more!  
Photo Credit Disneyland Website
After our discussion, Michelle, Kat and Lewis take a fun look at the attractions they have not yet ridden at Walt Disney World. There are a few things that they had in common but with their 2018 trip coming up, these will soon tackled! What is on your list?
Photo Credit WDW Website
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