Sunday, 27 March 2022

402 - From One Disneyland to Another!

Welcome to the Disney Dream Girls Podcast, show number 402 for Sunday 27th March 2022. If you want to listen right now via this page - just click on the audio player below.

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On this week's show,  we start by chatting through some Disney history and then move on to some Disney chat.

Our first topic sees us help out listener Amber Nichols with a Disneyland Hotel dilemma. Amber is planning her first trip to California - what top tips would you give her?

After that, we talk a little about Katie Smith's Disneyland Paris trip and the explosion of snacks that are appearing in Disneyland Paris. 

Photo Credit Katie Smith
Then, we hop back to Disneyland to share some delicious details about Eva Williams Frank's trip to Club 33.

Photo Credit Eva Williams Frank
To end the show, we talk about how we can enjoy the parks more as adults rather than families in the theme parks. 

One massive part of this - for Michelle - is the ability to Disney bound. Are you a fan of dressing in your own interpretation of a beloved Disney character? We would love to see your outfits.

Michelle is a big fan of Disney bounding and has made her own outfits in the past but also has also bought some. She speaks of a dress she bought from The Disney Store and the sub par quality it was when compared to garments she has made or bought from others. 

As mentioned on the show, Michelle is a regular customer of who designs for her own store and prides itself on being incredibly size inclusive.

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